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IC Contact

[stuff and thangs]
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[ Dealing with sponsors, giving interviews, maintaining a certain public image... it's all an exhausting job unto itself. These necessary evils of life as Tributes in the Capitol are frequently handled together by Rick and Daryl, helping to make things a bit more bearable. For the times when he can't be there, he wants Rick to at least have some sort of tangible reminder (aside from the intentional marks left across his body during intimate moments) that he isn't alone.

Rick will find a new addition to his nightstand. An octopus themed jewelry box has been set there, which holds a pair of cufflinks, and a folded up sketch Daryl did based on one of his dreams (the same ones that inspired his latest tattoo, as well as this gift). In it, there's a seated figure of a man asleep and holding an upside-down Stetson in his lap, with a small cephalopod curled up within, its own sleeping state made obvious by a trail of Z's floating above its head. The scene is completed by a familiar crossbow propped against the man's legs. ]